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Is it important to improve brake performance?

Brake is important when you are driving , you have to keep eye on your brake. Sensitive brake will help you enjoy driving and work in emergencies. OEM brake parts is good , but after modify stainless steel Brake Lines , multi-piston Brake Calipers,Brake Rotors,Brake Pads,brake fulid , it's better. A better brake performance will apper even if hard driving.REDEFINE stainless steel braided lines keep them from expanding. Brake Lines are under high amounts of pressure when braking. The standard rubber lines can expand and as a result can make your brakes feel mushy and have inconsistent braking performance.

REDEFINE stainless steel braided lines stop that from happening. Resulting in better and consistent braking performance. Especially when driving hard.

Most stainless steel brake hoses are more flexible that their rubber counter parts and usually will safely operate with less bend radius without loss of performance.

Getting a good branded aftermarket SS kit for all 4 corners works out slightly cheaper than buying the 4 individual OEM ones. It's not just about a firmer pedal, the energy applied between your pressure on the pedal is more efficient at being transferred to the brake pistons - for regular driving okay it won't seem that much different, but when braking hard they can make a huge difference. Depends on the condition of existing hoses, the car itself and the driving.

REDEFINE multi-piston Brake Calipers and JSW high performance Brake Rotors and pads will increase clamp force to stop in short distance . In one word,if you drive safe,it's ok, but in case you may need sensitive brake. As you may say i stopped the car , but others not.



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